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TRAX crop management system. www.premierag.com/trax

At Premier Ag, we firmly believe that one size does not fit all, so Trax offers a variety of personalized solutions to meet your unique crop management needs.

We aim to offer technologies and opportunities that will help you optimize inputs, conserve resources, improve efficiencies and ultimately increase profitability. This system allows our experienced Trax Crop Specialists to utilize a data-driven approach in making personalized recommendations for customers regarding each aspect of their cropping operation.
Our approach to crop management is a “system”, because those customers we work with are able to compile multiple layers of field data in one place where our Crop Specialists can then leverage it to optimize operational decisions.  This allows for decisions that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and that safeguard natural resources.
Not only do we aim to fulfill all of our customers’ needs, but to provide a service that is above and beyond what would be expected of a partner in agriculture.

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TRAX™ offers numerous services and products to help growers optimize production including:

  • Soil Sampling
  • Nutrient Analysis and Mapping
  • Variable Rate Fertilizer
  • Variable Rate Nitrogen and Lime
  • Irrigation Management
  • Crop Scouting
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Tissue Sampling and Analysis
  • Precision Planting Equipment and Service
  • Yield Mapping
  • Variable Rate Seed Prescript

Comprehensive Research

Not only do we make regional and national agricultural research data and product performance information available to our customers, we also perform on-farm trials with selected participants in order to increase knowledge and promote education at a local level.
Also, we participate in the National Answer Plot program in partner with WinField Solutions to look at the newest products, traits and management practices and how these can be integrated locally to increase efficiencies.


TRAX Crop Specialists

Our team of Trax Crop Specialists utilize a data-driven approach in making personalized recommendations to customers regarding any aspect of their cropping operation. We utilize this data to help you choose inputs to best suit your management approach to maintain and improve production and investment. Our goal is to help you better understand not just what, how much and when to apply, but also why and what the benefits are of a more precisely managed operation.  Our team of trained and experienced Crop Specialists will work with each farmer individually on what equipment, products and technologies would be best suited for their management practices to optimize yield and profit potential. Ultimately, we will provide services and gain results above and beyond expectations.

Environmental Stewardship

Trax will provide the necessary tools for our customers to grow and develop their operation into a valuable component of sustainable agriculture.  Water use and quality, nutrient movement and management, and product traceability are all areas of focus that are necessary for the future of agriculture.  Operating under the 4R philosophy allows for an innovative and science based approach when addressing enhanced environmental protection, increased production and improved sustainability.  Staying up to date on current events and trends in agriculture, we are able to provide a source of information for you to make the best, most logical operational decisions for the state of the industry and environment.