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Premier Farm and Pet

Our Premier Farm and Pet store is now carrying a new line of home decor items. Stop by the store today at 1021 W. Tipton Street, and be sure to like and follow the store’s Facebook page at to stay up to date on the latest items and offers.

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Five Tips for DEF Winter Preparation

When using DEF in extreme winter conditions, there are precautions to take before it becomes a "slush" and freezes into a solid state. Although, the quality or performance of DEF is not compromised if it freezes. 1. Activate and Test Heaters. However, don't overheat...

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Winter Fuel Tips

Premier Energy and Heyob Energy’s promise to each customer is to supply the industry’s highest performing fuels throughout the year, in all weather conditions. When temperatures dip to subzero conditions, diesel fuels are put to the ultimate test. To deliver on our...

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