Premier Companies recently hosted two full busloads of children and their parents from two
daycare facilities in Shelby County to spend the day at Fair Oaks Farms, which is considered the
Epcot center of agriculture. For years Fair Oaks Farms has offered a unique educational
experience to enlighten the public about agriculture and to promote transparency in the
farming industry.

Fair Oaks Farms is committed to educating the public about modern farming efforts, such as
using only science-proven production practices, being good stewards of the land to protect the
environment and providing quality care for animals. These practices all contribute to making
U.S. agriculture the safest, most abundant and affordable food supplier in the world.

There are three major exhibits at Fair Oaks: The Dairy Adventure, The Pig Adventure, and the
Winfield Crop Adventure. The 40 children in attendance got the opportunity to see a cow give
birth to a calf, three sows give birth to piglets and enjoyed a lively day of agricultural learning.
The WinField Crop Adventure takes visitors underneath a farmer’s fields to see and touch the
world of bugs, roots, seeds and soil to learn how farmers, agronomists, processors and many
others will help feed 9 billion people.

“At a time when the agriculture industry is undergoing considerable transformation, 98 percent
of Americans are not directly connected to where their food comes from. This detachment from
the farm can leave people with misconceptions about how food is produced,” said Harold
Cooper, Premier CEO and General Manager. “This trip was a great opportunity to get to know
some of our new Shelby County neighbors and to share our love for agriculture and the
environment. Fair Oaks Farms is an extraordinary facility with countless opportunities to learn
about agriculture.”

This trip also provided an opportunity for Premier employees to share information about the
new Premier fertilizer facility being built in Shelby County. In 2017, Premier's Board of Directors
approved the purchase of 40 acres in Shelby County to build a brand new, state-of-the-art
fertilizer facility.

“As with all of our Premier Ag and Energy locations, our neighboring landowners are important
to us,” said Sal Sama, Premier Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We share the land
boundaries, air quality and roadways that connect us. Spending the day with a few of our 70
plus neighbors in Shelby County allowed us to have great conversations about agriculture and
answer questions about the operations of our new facility.”