Gold Cap Program

Stay protected from fuel price spikes with a cap on the price you pay.

The Gold Cap Program is our recommended program:

  • A risk-free price cap no matter how high prices rise
  • The lower price when fuel costs are below your cap (you get the summer fill price)
  • Peace of mind: Enjoy scheduled delivery service so you never have to worry about checking the level of fuel in your tank
  • Pay for your fuel with each delivery or choose to make 11 equal payments
  • Payments calculated at the estimated price, the same price as the Star Program
  • Convenient payment options with EFT or personal check
  • This program worked great last year!

Star Program

Fixed Price protection with predictable monthly payments.

The Star Program offer protection and easy payments:

  • 11 months of fixed pricing, July through May – nearly a full year of protection!
  • A guaranteed fixed price, regardless if energy costs go up
  • The payments are calculated by estimated annual fuel costs into 11 equal budget payments
  • Peace of mind through scheduled delivery services so that you never have to monitor your propane tank level
  • Convenient payment options with EFT or personal check

Pre-Pay Program

One simple price, one advance payment.

The Pre-Pay Program offers the lowest pre-season rate for your fuel:

  • Receive one fixed rate for you fuel, which will help save costs if fuel prices rise
  • Make a single payment in full at enrollment
  • Receive scheduled deliveries at your fixed pricing rate for a 10-month term; at the conclusion of the 10 months, any credit on your account from your pre-pay amount will be applied towards next year’s program