PremiumDieselex-4_OnRoadOn April 13, Indiana-based CountryMark introduced Premium Dieselex-4, a new premium diesel fuel available to both on- and off-road customers. For decades, CountryMark had offered two premium diesel fuel products – one for on-road customers and a second product for off-road customers.

PremiumDieselex-4_OffRoad“As we looked at the current and future needs of Midwestern diesel fuel buyers, the recommendations of diesel engine manufacturers and government regulations, it became apparent that we could better serve both on- and off-road diesel fuel market segments with one premium diesel fuel,” said CountryMark Vice President of Marketing Jon Lantz.

CountryMark spent over two years researching and formulating its new fuel offering.

“We’ve put a lot of thought into this and we’re eager for diesel fuel customers to experience the benefits of this new product,” said Lantz.

Premium Dieselex-4 exceeds industry standards on four product specif ications: cetane, lubricity, detergency and stability.

Premium Dieselex-4 is a 50-cetane product, well above the government minimum requirement of 40 cetane. Cetane aids in quick starts and helps diesel engines run longer and stronger.

Lubricity was also optimized in the new CountryMark Premium Dieselex-4.

“While government standards dictate that diesel fuel cannot create a wear scar greater than 520 micrometers, we formulated our diesel fuel to be more lubricious,” said Lantz. CountryMark Premium Dieselex-4 meets the highest standard for lubricity and creates a wear scar no greater than 460 micrometers. This means less wear and tear on injectors and injector pumps.

Premium Dieselex-4 was also formulated with a proprietary detergency package that cleans up and prevents injector deposits, injector sticking and tip fouling. Added detergency is extremely critical in today’s modern diesel engines. Typical #2 diesel fuel can gum up injectors, leading to poor fuel economy and eventually injector and injector pump failures.

Fuel stability is the fourth key element of the new Premium Dieselex-4 formulation.

“Our superior stability package reduces the fuel deterioration process, which leads to longer fuel life and assured fuel performance,” said Lantz.

CountryMark has 75 years of American fuel refining experience. An estimated 65 percent of farmers and estimated 50 percent of school corporations in the CountryMark trade area purchase their diesel fuel from a CountryMark branded dealer.

“We take very seriously fuel quality and strive to always be one step ahead of what our customers need,” said Lantz.

Premium Dieselex-4 can be purchased at CountryMark branded retail fuel sites, or can be ordered for tankwagon and/or transport delivery from any CountryMark branded dealer in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio or Kentucky.