Southern Indiana producers recently participated in hands-on demonstrations and discussions about yield optimization, agronomic advances, and product performance at the 2014 Premier Ag Answer Plot event in Franklin.

The site shows comparisons of test plots managed with WinField tools and products and plots grown with typical management programs and inputs for the local area. The plots create a visual representation of the value of planting high-yield potential seeds and incorporating the right combination of products and crop management.

“The Answer Plot lets farmers see firsthand how products perform locally. This program helps farmers determine the best crop management practices for their fields,” said Mark Canary, Vice President of Agronomy. “We strive to help growers make the most from every acre by arming them with information on all aspects of crop production.”

Premier Ag experts led presentations about the following topics:

  • Planter Technology
  • Yield Data/ Variable Rate Seeding and Nitrogen
  • Micro-Nutrients & Fertilization
  • Hard to Control Weeds
  • Seed Treatments & Inoculations
  • Intense Crop Management

Following the presentations, attendees enjoyed lunch with Kent Yeager, Indiana Agriculture Liaison for U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly.

The Answer Plot in Franklin, sponsored by and provided by Winfield, includes both agronomic research and showcase plots as well as replicated yield trials for both corn and soybeans. This plot, along with approximately 200 others across the nation, represents a significant investment by Winfield, and is a frontrunner in applied crop production research in the country.

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