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Harvest Road Safety

During harvest season motorists should expect to see farm equipment from Indiana’s farms on roadways. “While motorists cruise the beautiful rural roadways of Indiana this fall, they should be aware of farm equipment using those roads during harvest season,” Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann said. “It is incredibly important to get this message out to ask all drivers to have patience and drive safely around slow-moving vehicles. I encourage all Hoosiers to be mindful and alert for farm equipment on roadways this harvest season.” The following tips will help ensure the safety of motorists, passengers, and operators of slow moving equipment: Farmers on roadways are going to or from work, just like many other people on the road. Most farmers will pull over when they are able to let you pass, but it may take time for them to get to a safe place to do so. Be patient. Farm equipment is wide, sometimes taking up most of the roadway. Be careful when passing. The red triangle on the back of an implement, farm machinery or other vehicle indicates a slow-moving vehicle (under 25 mph). If you’re driving 55 mph and come upon a tractor that’s moving 15 mph, it only takes five seconds to close a gap the length of a football field between you and the tractor. Do not try to pass a slow moving vehicle on the left without ensuring that the vehicle is not planning a left turn. It may appear that the driver is pulling over for you to pass when it is actually preparing to turn. You will drive right into its path, endangering... read more

Announcing our 2016 Propane Programs

Although snow days might seem far off now, Premier Energy and Heyob Energy are already thinking about the 2015-2016 winter season and what we can do to protect your energy budget. Many of our customers took advantage of our price protection plans last year and enjoyed the peace of mind knowing that their monthly energy costs would be the same amount. As the new budget cycle begins, we’d like to invite you to consider one of our plans to help you better manage your home heating costs. Please take a few minutes to evaluate our plans and select the plan the best meets your needs. Gold Cap Program • A risk-free price cap no matter how high prices rise • The lower price when fuel costs are below your cap (you get the summer fill price) • Peace of mind: Enjoy scheduled delivery service so you never have to worry about checking the level of fuel in your tank • Pay for your fuel with each delivery or choose to make 11 equal payments • Payments calculated at the estimated price, the same price as the Star Program • Convenient payment options with EFT or personal check • This program worked great last year! Star Program Fixed Price protection with predictable monthly payments. The Star Program offer protection and easy payments: • 11 months of fixed pricing, July through May – nearly a full year of protection! • A guaranteed fixed price, regardless if energy costs go up • The payments are calculated by estimated annual fuel costs into 11 equal budget payments • Peace of mind through scheduled... read more

Fueling Freedom event to raise money for local military families

Premier Energy is gearing up for Independence Day with its annual Fueling Freedom event. From noon to 5 p.m. on Friday, June 26, CountryMark will donate 50 cents for every gallon of fuel pumped and $1 for every gallon of lubricants sold at participating CountryMark fuel stations to local National Guard Family Readiness Groups. Also at each Fueling Freedom site, customers and guests will be invited to register to win a $150 gift card. Premier Energy’s two Greensburg CountryMark fuel stations will be participating in this year’s event. The stations are located at 766 W. Main St. and 1001 N. Lincoln St. in Greensburg. Both locations are convenient for consumer vehicles, but the Main Street location is a better fit for large trucks. Of the 33 CountryMark stations that participated in last year’s Fueling Freedom event, Premier Energy’s Greensburg Main Street fuel station led with 5,256 gallons pumped. “We look forward to this event each year because it is our opportunity to give back to local National Guard soldiers and their families, as well as spend time with the communities we serve,” said Tina Hunter, Premier Energy Retail Fuel Manager. CountryMark initiated the Fueling Freedom fundraiser seven years ago as a way to support military families. In 2014, CountryMark raised $48,000 for local National Guard Family Readiness Groups. A total of 39 CountryMark fuel stations have signed up to take part in Fueling Freedom 2015, a record number of stations for the event. “Fueling Freedom is one of CountryMark’s favorite events of the year,” said CountryMark Vice President of Marketing Jon Lantz. “This is our opportunity to support our local National Guard troops... read more

Premier Energy introduces CountryMark’s Premium Dieselex-4 diesel fuel

On April 13, Indiana-based CountryMark introduced Premium Dieselex-4, a new premium diesel fuel available to both on- and off-road customers. For decades, CountryMark had offered two premium diesel fuel products – one for on-road customers and a second product for off-road customers. “As we looked at the current and future needs of Midwestern diesel fuel buyers, the recommendations of diesel engine manufacturers and government regulations, it became apparent that we could better serve both on- and off-road diesel fuel market segments with one premium diesel fuel,” said CountryMark Vice President of Marketing Jon Lantz. CountryMark spent over two years researching and formulating its new fuel offering. “We’ve put a lot of thought into this and we’re eager for diesel fuel customers to experience the benefits of this new product,” said Lantz. Premium Dieselex-4 exceeds industry standards on four product specif ications: cetane, lubricity, detergency and stability. Premium Dieselex-4 is a 50-cetane product, well above the government minimum requirement of 40 cetane. Cetane aids in quick starts and helps diesel engines run longer and stronger. Lubricity was also optimized in the new CountryMark Premium Dieselex-4. “While government standards dictate that diesel fuel cannot create a wear scar greater than 520 micrometers, we formulated our diesel fuel to be more lubricious,” said Lantz. CountryMark Premium Dieselex-4 meets the highest standard for lubricity and creates a wear scar no greater than 460 micrometers. This means less wear and tear on injectors and injector pumps. Premium Dieselex-4 was also formulated with a proprietary detergency package that cleans up and prevents injector deposits, injector sticking and tip fouling. Added detergency is extremely critical in... read more

Farm safety – kid friendly

Welcome to “Our Amazing Farm,” a series of safety-awareness videos designed to help children understand farm safety while learning about propane’s role in helping America’s farmers feed the world in a sustainable way. The videos feature a high-energy, kid-friendly host named Propane Paul, who interacts with children and other characters while promoting farm safety. We invite you to watch the videos with your children and talk with them about what they’ve... read more

Premier Ag participating in Responsible Ag program

The agricultural industry has been called to action to ensure the safe storage and handling of fertilizer products. In response to this call to action, a nonprofit organization was founded in 2014 to promote public welfare by assisting agribusinesses as they seek to comply with federal environmental, health, safety and security rules regarding the safe handling and storage of fertilizer products. The organization, named ResponsibleAg, provides participating businesses a federal regulatory compliance audit relating to the safe storage and handling of fertilizers, recommendations for corrective action where needed and a robust suite of resources. ResponsibleAg has compiled a checklist of federal regulatory requirements applicable to the storage and handling of fertilizer products. The checklist, developed by a technical committee comprised of industry regulatory professionals, contains more than 320 questions. Auditors credentialed under the ResponsibleAg Certification Program will use this checklist to audit the level of compliance at each participating facility. Participating facilities will receive an audit by a credentialed ResponsibleAg auditor once every three years. The auditor will enter their findings into the secure portal on the ResponsibleAg website within 24 hours of completing the audit. After it is entered, the facility will receive (if applicable), a corrective action plan listing any issues that were discovered by the auditor. Along with participating in this program, Premier Ag Safety and Risk Manager Jerry Boger will be going through training to become a certified ResponsibleAg auditor. As an auditor, Boger will be able to audit all Premier Ag locations, as well as other locations when called upon. “Our goal is to improve safety and security associated with storage and handling of... read more

Heyob Energy excels in safety and organization

Every year, Premier Companies honors one Premier branch with what is called the Pride Award. The Pride Award program started in 2000 as a way to honor branches for efforts in environmental, safety and organizational stewardship. Each year’s winner is selected based on audits performed at each branch by Premier’s Safety and Risk Manager Jerry Boger. These audits consist of a facility safety/environmental walk through inspection. The audits allow Boger to: Listen to the concerns of employees and supervisors Gain further understanding of jobs and tasks Identify existing and potential hazards Determine underlying causes of hazards Monitor hazard controls Recommend corrective action “We evaluate the physical conditions of the workplace, equipment, and materials we use to complete our activities, and we note when things are being done well and when things are not as they should be,” Boger said. “If a deficiency is identified, we try to find the root cause of the problem and amend the process.” This year, Heyob stood out, excelling in organization and safety. “It’s often the little things that make the difference,” Boger said. “Heyob does an excellent job at keeping equipment clean and organized. They also have all of their files in order and every employee knows where to find a document if needed. These kind of details matter in the event of an emergency.” Premier CEO and General Manager Harold Cooper said that Heyob employees go above and beyond. “They demonstrate in their actions and behaviors that they put their customers and the environment first,” Cooper said. “In everything they do, they show great respect and appreciation for the customer and community.”... read more

Premier Companies is seeking a part time accountant

Premier Companies has an immediate opening for a part-time staff accountant. Duties include accounts payable processing, various G/L account reconciliations and general office work. The position requires 15 to 20 hours per week with a flexible schedule. Candidates should have an associate accounting degree, or significant relevant experience in an accrual accounting environment. Contact Mike Lafferty at 812-379-9501 or email... read more

Are you ready to plant?

Proper planter maintenance is critical for correctly placing seed into the ground when planting begins. Farmers need to take care of maintenance now before the planting window opens. As a Precision Planting dealer, Premier Ag is positioned to help you with planter preparation. We use MeterMax test stands to properly evaluate seed meter operation. If necessary, we are equipped to rebuild those meters with Precision Planting parts for maximum performance. We also have access to a complete line of Precision Planting parts for your planter including the latest in variable rate technology, row control, planter down pressure, and planter monitoring. Follow these 10 planter preparation tips to maximize the return on every square foot of your field: 1. Level the Planter Check hitch height. Make sure the planter’s tool bar is level (vertically) or running slightly up hill. 2. Check Bushings and Parallel Linkage. Worn bushings increase row bounce which increases seed bounce. Stand behind the row unit and wiggle it up and down and back and forth checking to make sure bushings are tight. 3. Drive System Check every chain. Kinked chains cause shock and vibration in the meter. Start with fresh, lubricated chains and check them daily. 4. Calibrate Corn Meters. Take your meters and samples of your seed to a certified MeterMax representative to optimize performance. 5. Double Disk Openers. Test to make sure there is good contact between the double disks. In general, the disks must be more that 14.5” in diameter and disk contact should be approximately 2”. 6. Seed Tubes. Inspect seed tubes for wear at the bottom. Frequently, the tubes will have... read more